Saturday, November 4, 2017


When I was unhappy, depressed & resentful I was the first one to criticize others online. I was never mean but I didn't hold back with what I was feeling. Now that I'm clean, happy and aware of how toxic resentment is ... when someone leaves a negative comment, reply or post I just see it as a blazing display of that persons unhappiness. If you're happy ... truly happy ... you'll have no room for any kind of negativity in your life. I'm not saying this in judgement because trust me, I was miserable for years & girl, I let it be known. I just now know that there is absolutely no point in posting a negative or mean comment online. (Trump is an exception tho. lol) Also, life goes by too quickly to waste your time being miserable. If you're unhappy find the root of it and change it! Do the work!
I'm still Fagsy, still snarky & will throw down if I'm attacked. I just got no time anymore for anyones negativity.

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