Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sex And The City

Well, the day finally came where I gave in to watching Sex And The City. Yep, yours gayly was convinced by one Mr. Ross Mathews to finally give in to watching a show that I'd had no interest in.

I did see the Sex And The City movie where Liza Minnelli did her Single Ladies number. Seeing that only cemented in the fact that I NEVER wanted to watch SATC and never would!
Okay, so I caved. Yep that Ross Mathews is quite convincing. Also, I figured that now that we're able to binge watch certain shows ... maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Plus I was tired of always feeling left out of SATC references, jokes and conversations. So I said "whatever, I'll just watch it."

First of all I just gotta say, I was never a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan. I enjoyed her in Hocus Pocus but that's about it. The only thing I knew about Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) was that she came out as a lesbian. I knew Kristin Davis (Charlotte) from Melrose Place and I LOVED Kim Catrell (Samantha) in Mannequin.

Good luck Fagsy!

Season 1 - Episode 1 ... I'm HOOKED.

Never has SJP been so captivating and enjoyable! Loved "Carrie" instantly! Cute, great hair, fun clothes (and hilarious too). Loved her little apartment and that she's a writer and bounces around Manhattan all cute and flirty. HATED that she smoked. It didn't fit! Also Carrie's "hold me I'm cold" cozy girl bit is just too much! You know those girls that are always cold and needy with their oversized sweatshirts or sweaters covering half their hand. Gross.
But SJP overall, right off the bat ... ENJOYABLE.

Even tho at times the shtick is a little too 'put on' and 'over the top' ... I love Kim Catrell as Samantha! She's very drag queen and campy and is the comedy relief of the show. The shots of her butt don't appeal to me tho and kinda gross me out. lol. I really love how she just says things like "tranny" and "fag" etc. So funny. The men she has sex with are fun eye candy but sometimes she's just so cold that you wanna say like "really Samantha?" And when she turned lesbian .... (YAWN).

Charlotte ... meh. She's cute and and fun to watch and we need her character to balance the group out but UHG the men and relationships they have her go thru are so annoying!!! Tre was torture for me tho I loved Tre's Mother Bunny! The Charlotte and Tre storyline went on way too long. It got boring. Now she's with Harry who I can't stand but at least he's treats her better.


And Miranda. NOPE. BUGS. There is nothing about Miranda that I enjoy. Steve drives me nuts too. And Blair Underwood as her neighbor boyfriend was funny. The fact that she had a baby is annoying and the actual baby is annoying too! lol. And "Magda"... UHG. Terrible! Just not funny.

As far as the Gay characters on the show ... THE WORST! Carries Gay is the MOST annoying and I can barely stomach when he's on. Charlotte's Gay is a cartoon. Stereotypical queeny bitchy gays. I think the casting was way off here with these two Gay characters. They're unappealing and stereotypical. NOPE.

LOVE Mr. Big. Don't like the on and off with Carrie. At this point it's exhausting. The chemistry between Carrie and Big is great. That's good casting. Mikael Baryshnikov creeps me out right now. Maybe that'll change? Odd casting choice with him but we'll see. BTW: Could not STAND "Berger" and whiney "Aiden"!! Oh and the mental patient boyfriend? ... TOO MUCH!

Season 5 was the WORST! I almost gave up but with the support of my friends on Facebook I pulled thru and I'm now on Season 6B Episode 5. I HATED that Carrie (SJP) cut her hair off in Season 5! Her hair was one of the things I enjoyed looking at the most. It was all choppy and brittle but now its starting to look good again. I wonder if, at the time, fans of the show wrote in and complained. That short hair was hideous!

Another bust are the special guest stars that are now appearing in the series! Amy Sedaris and Molly Shannon are always fun but they took me right out of the story. Ginger Spice, Andy Cohen, Jennifer Aniston, Donald Trump??? So ridiculous!! Over the top guest stars are never a good idea on a show like this. It takes you out of the story!!

I can go on but I won't bore you anymore with my opinion of one of the most entertaining, silly and cringe worthy TV shows of all time. As cornball and silly as SATC is I'm glad I'm finally watching it. It's fun, entertaining, hilarious and ridiculous.

Watched the finale last night and it was great. Loved how they tied it all together and gave us a satisfying ending!

Okay, so which episode(s) or moments were my favorite and which were my least favorite?

I have to say the finale episode for sure and also the last episode of season 1 when they re-enacted The Way We Were. The dildo episode was fun and when Carrie farted in bed with Big was a good one too. Also loved Samantha's sweaty Cancer speech and of course I loved GUTSy (Kristen Johnston) falling out the window.

Berger all irritated by his book not selling. When he was all mad and had Carrie on the back of his motorcycle then walked out of the red carpet event ... such a baby and ANNOYING! Couldn't stand beginning of season 5 when Carrie cut her hair! It was distracting, brittle and it looked like straw. The Charlotte and Tre episodes were TORTURE! Tre was the MOST unappealing character of all and it went on way to long. Miranda being pregnant and having that baby was annoying and boring. Oh and when Samantha turned lesbian with that annoying Indian tantric woman ... too much!

I could go on but I need a break now from all things Sex And The City. I'm proud of myself. Never thought I'd watch this show but I'm glad I did. Thank you Ross for talking me into it. Overall ... I thoroughly enjoyed it.

xx, Fagsy

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