Monday, May 27, 2019

Automatic Pen Reading

In 2002, triggered by being rejected by someone I thought I was in love with, I lost myself. Low self esteem, zero self love and feeling like I was damaged goods resulted in a deep depression and letting my life fall apart. I couldn't sleep, could barely eat, lost my job, my apartment ... I was a mess.

One night, in my depression, I decided to go to the local bookstore to numb my pain. As I walked around the store in my sadness I noticed a book sitting on a shelf titled "Finding The Boyfriend Within". I immediately liked the title and thought "well, if I can't find a boyfriend out there ... maybe I could find one in here". So I picked up the book and started reading the first chapter and was immediately hooked in and fascinated by the technique the author was explaining on how to tap into finding your boyfriend (or girlfriend) within.

The way to do this was simple. It required 2 pens, a journal, a comfortable quiet place to sit and a clear mind. The next step was to pick up one of the pens, write down a question in your journal, set the pen down then pick up the other pen and let it write out the answer to your question. Let the pen write freely. Do not try to control it. Simply, let the pen write thru the energy you're receiving through your clear mind in the present moment. I couldn't wait to get home and try it!

At home, I did exactly what the author said to do and to my surprise ... it worked! I started receiving beautiful spiritual answers to my questions and immediately started feeling the weight of my sadness lift. I practiced with "The Pen" every night before I went to bed and soon I started feeling better! I could feel my life starting to shift in a more positive direction.

At the time, I was seeing a therapist who I told about this technique I was using to help me feel better. She asked if I could show her how it worked. I agreed and to my surprise (and hers) it worked! I was able to channel energy thru the pens for another person!

My therapist suggested I go to the Hypnotherapy Institute here in Los Angeles to learn more about what I was able to do. There I was diagnosed as an Automatic Pen Writer and was told that I had a "gift".

Soon after, I started giving "pen readings" to the public out of a small room in the back of my friends store.

In 2006, I moved and decided to put "The Pen" on hold to focus in on my Dog Portrait Paintings (another form of Automatic Pen Writing). I continued to give readings to my close friends.

Recently, I decided to work with "The Pen" again and open myself up to giving readings to the public..

I believe everyone has the gift of channeling and using their intuition to find answers. I am not a psychic in the sense of having a crystal ball that will predict your future. Answers come thru the process of tuning into what is being written or drawn out onto the paper thru the pen. I often explain readings like tuning in a radio station. The more open you are ... the better the reception!

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